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Thread: Texas real estate license with dui...

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    Marley is offline Renter
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    Mar 2010

    Default Texas real estate license with dui...

    I have 2 DUI's in Arizona. One was 6 years ago and the other 4. I am looking to move to Texas in the next few months. I have been wanting to obtain my real estate license once there. I can not find anything online about the laws. If I can not get my license I may re-think my move. If anyone has anyone has any information that may help, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Chrisopher Moltisanti is offline Condominium
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    Oct 2008
    Eastern Pa


    Well, what you can do is, if you're really into getting your license, you can obtain your license in Arizona and then apply for a reciprocal license in Texas once you move there.

    First, call your state's Real Estate Commission if you're unsure if your two prior convictions will disqualify you in obtaining a RE licence. DUI? I don't know if it will forbid you in obtaining your license, that's why it's important to either log onto your state's Dept. of State website and find the link for Real Estate Commission and either read what crimes will negate your licensure or call them.

    Good luck.


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